Mobile caravan weighing Adelaide services

Mobile weighing services for your towing vehicle and your caravan, camper trailer, boat trailer or motorhome

Ensuring your journey begins with balance, compliance, and safety

Weigh Be Safe

Mobile caravan weighing Adelaide services

Introduction to our mobile weighing services

Starting your travel by towing your caravan, camper trailer or boat trailer to your destination brings the promise of adventure, freedom, and the joy of exploring the great outdoors. At the heart of these experiences lies the peace of mind that comes from knowing your vehicle is perfectly balanced, compliant with all regulations, and road-ready. This is where our mobile caravan weighing services come in.

Weigh Be Safe

Our mobile weighing services deliver convenience and accuracy right at your preferred location. We understand that preparing for a trip involves more than packing. It’s about ensuring that your tow vehicle and tow weights, whether you’re carrying a caravan or a boat, meet all safety and regulatory standards. Our comprehensive mobile weighing solutions provide you with the insights needed to achieve optimal balance, enhancing safety and compliance to support the enjoyment of your journey.

As you plan your next adventure, let us take the weight off your shoulders with our mobile weighing service. Start your journey the right way with the assurance of safety, compliance, and peace of mind.

Weighing services Weigh Be Safe Boat
Weighing services Weigh Be Safe Caravan

Caravan weighing Adelaide services

Our mobile caravan weighing services

Make sure you start your next adventure right, knowing that your towing vehicle, together with the weight of your caravan, boat trailer, camper trailer and motorhome follows the rules and regulations, is balanced, and is road-ready.
Weighing services Weigh Be Safe Caravan

Convenient mobile weighing right where you need it

Our specialised mobile weighing service is designed to bring you convenience and weight accuracy. Whether at your home, workplace, or a designated safe location, we cater to the greater Adelaide region and beyond, ensuring your vehicle and towed units are measured on even, secure ground.

Weighing services Weigh Be Safe Caravan

Detailed analysis for tow vehicles and towing weights

We go beyond the actual weighing; we offer detailed analysis to guarantee your towing arrangement is compliant and optimally balanced when you start your journey. Our service includes your tow vehicle and any towed entities like caravans, boat trailers and camper trailers or motorhomes, providing you with the insights needed to travel confidently.

Weighing services Weigh Be Safe Caravan

Guidance for efficient packing and loading

Leverage our expert advice on how to effectively pack and place your weight in your caravan or boat. Achieve the ideal weight balance for safety and peace of mind while on the move. Our guidance is tailored to your specific setup, ensuring you get the most out of our service.

Weighing services Weigh Be Safe Caravan

Compliance with rules and regulations

We help you navigate the weight regulations and equip you with the knowledge to understand your vehicle’s weight constraints and your responsibilities as an owner. Our advanced tools and extensive expertise ensure you’re fully informed and compliant.

Weighing services Weigh Be Safe Caravan

Mobile caravan weighing Adelaide

The process

How to book your mobile caravan weighing session

Contact us

Reach out via phone, email, or through our website to get started. We’re here to answer any questions and discuss your needs.

Schedule a weighing session

Choose a time and place that suits you best. Whether it’s at your home, workplace, or another convenient location, we accommodate your schedule, including weekends.

How to prepare for your mobile weighing session

What to bring to your weighing session

Ensure your car, caravan, camper trailer, boat trailer or motorhome is ready for weighing. This means packing as if you were heading out on a trip, with full water tanks, fuel, dogs, kayaks, bikes, etc., which you usually bring. And bringing the family members that will join the travel. This will give us a true balance of your vehicle.

What to expect during your mobile weighing session

Meet and set up

We’ll meet you at the agreed time and location, setting up our precision equipment in a safe and suitable area for the weighing.

Weighing process

Your towing vehicle and caravan, camper trailer or boat trailer are weighed separately and then together as a combined unit. This method provides detailed insights into individual and total weights.

Review and advice

After weighing, we’ll review the results with you and offer personalised advice on achieving optimal balance and compliance. We’ll address any immediate concerns and suggest adjustments if necessary.

What to expect after your mobile weighing session

Receive documentation

You’ll receive a printed weigh docket on the day, followed by a detailed report and compliance certificate via email. This documentation is crucial for insurance purposes and to ensure you meet national standards.

Ongoing support

Should you have any questions or need further assistance after the session, we’re just a phone call or email away. Our goal is to ensure you’re confident and compliant on all your adventures.


Our detailed weighing process and safety protocols

Our comprehensive mobile weighing service is designed for your safety and compliance. Here’s a detailed step-by-step overview of our process, highlighting the detailed safety protocols we follow.

Read more about the process in detail

Preparation for weighing

Upon arrival, we set up our equipment and displayed safety signage to ensure a secure environment for the weighing session.

Verification of vehicle details

We meet you at the scheduled time and promptly verify the compliance plates and any modifications to your car and caravan.

Measurement and calibration

We measure the tow ball height and calibrate our scales to zero, ensuring the accuracy of our data.

Initial weighing

Your vehicle is placed on the weigh pads, and we carefully record the data.

Disconnection and further weighing

We then disconnect the caravan, record the data, and conduct additional weighing as needed, including placing the weigh pad under the tow ball at the correct height to gather precise measurements.

Consultation and adjustment

Throughout the process, we discuss the findings with you, offering insights and adjustments to address any compliance issues immediately.


After completing the weighing, we remove the vehicles from the pads and tidy up the area, ensuring it’s left clean and safe.

Documentation of results

You will receive a printed weigh docket on the same day, followed by a customised report within the week detailing your results and any recommendations.

Weighing services Weigh Be Safe Caravan
Weighing services Weigh Be Safe Caravan

Our mobile weighing prices

Benefits of our mobile weighing service

Enhanced safety

Travel with peace of mind knowing your vehicle together with your caravan, camper trailer or boat trailer is perfectly balanced and compliant with all regulations to minimise the risk of accidents caused by swaying due to improper loading.

Insurance compliance

Make sure you comply with your insurance requirements. Accurate weighing and balancing are often required for valid insurance claims in the event of an accident.

Follow the legal requirements

Ensure your setup adheres to rules and regulations with legal weight limits checked on all compliance plates as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Convenience and saving time

We save you time and hassle by coming to your preferred location. There is no need to disrupt your busy schedule or travel to a fixed site for weighing as we come to a convenient location near you.

Peace of mind on the road

Knowing your towing vehicle and caravan or boat are correctly balanced lets you focus on enjoying the journey, making your trip a stress-free adventure.

Expert guidance

Benefit from personalised advice on packing and loading from seasoned professionals. Our insights help you optimise your setup for comfort, efficiency, and safety before you start your journey.

Our mobile weighing prices

Standard mobile weighing prices

The price for our mobile weighing service is $200 for the initial 1.5 hours. The comprehensive service includes weighing your tow vehicle and caravan, camper trailer or boat trailer, a detailed analysis recording the data, the results given in a printed weigh docket on the day, a customised report sent out within the week, and personal loading advice.

Extended service and consultation

For sessions extending beyond the initial 1.5 hours, we offer continued service at a competitive hourly rate. This allows us to address your concerns or provide additional guidance on achieving the perfect balance and compliance.

Group discounts

Are you planning with friends or a community? We offer special rates for group bookings. Ensure every vehicle in your convoy is safe and ready to hit the road while enjoying a discount.

Re-weighing services

For those who have made significant changes to their load or setup and wish to ensure ongoing compliance, we offer re-weighing services at a reduced rate. Stay compliant and travel with confidence, knowing your setup remains optimal.

All prices include GST.

Payment methods and detailed pricing for additional services are available upon request.

Weighing services Weigh Be Safe Caravan